Start Your Own Cleaning Business: Home Based Business Series

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“Start Your Own Cleaning Business – Home Based Business Series” is a book that is for the person who seeks to have their own home based business. No other business such as the cleaning business allows one to be able to have a full-time day job while working his own business in the evenings.

The cleaning business is easy to enter into and very easy to start, requiring very little initial overhead or money out of pocket. In this book, “Start Your Own Cleaning Business” by Christopher Stewart, you will be given a very clear roadmap to follow with a series of things to do on a “month by month” basis for a period of six months. By following this roadmap you will be able to call yourself a successful entrepreneur by month six!

Included in this book are:

1. The story of how Christopher Stewart got involved in the cleaning business.
2. What you should be doing for your first 30 days of being in business.
3. What types of insurance you will need in order to operate a cleaning business.
4. The best ways to market your very own cleaning business to get accounts.
5. Instructions on how to bid correctly when soliciting new business.
6. How to deal with the issue of employees.
7. How to set goals for your cleaning business to grow.
8. Answers the question of what to do with slow paying clients.
9. Discusses the three approaches to managing employees.
10. Provides a month by month checklist to better ensure your success.
11. Includes sample cleaning proposal and agreement.

Are you looking to start a side business working from home? Are you tired of not having financial stability and security due to a job that may be in jeopardy? Would you prefer to be your own boss and take charge of your own destiny?

If so, then you need to purchase “Start Your Own Cleaning Business” so you can move forward with setting up and operating a successful cleaning business which will enable you to earn a very good secondary income.

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Author: Christopher Stewart

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