Lifetime Extra Large Deck Box Review

So you want to store a bunch of stuff away as you’re doing your spring cleaning? You’ll need an extra large box like this one. I purchased the Lifetime Deck Box last fall and I’m really happy with it. I bought it to replace a deck box from Rubbermaid that had seen better days. This was easy to assemble, and the hardware was also solid – although it took a little longer than the Rubbermaid one to assemble (less than a half hour though).

Pros of the Lifetime Extra Large Deck Box

It’s made in the USA. Yep, in the great state of Utah.This deck box is water tight! Yea! :) I mean, if it’s going on to your deck, it better be water tight unless you live in the desert. I live in the pacific NW so we get a lot of rain and everything stays nice and dry. I have not filled it with water, so I don’t know about if it holds water but it does repel it.It will last through a tough winter – my cousin in Chicago has this same box (after I raved about mine) and Shelly says it has held up through the storms they’ve had and freezing temps. She also says it does not seem to be getting brittle.It’s also quite sturdy (if I can sit on it with my hubby, then I consider this to be extra sturdy). So yes, 2 or 3 adults can sit on this. It is double-walled.The shock hinges will hold the lid open while you are getting things in and out of it so yo don’t smash your fingers.It’s lockable – so you can add a padlock to secure it.It is the largest deck box I’ve seen at about 130 gallons – it’s HUGE! So you can store away everything.The top surface is flat, so you can use it as a table for drinks and things.

Cons of the Lifetime Extra Large Deck Box

It can be hard to find locally.There’s no interior dividers if that matters.It’s a little on the low side, so you can’t use it as a dining table. :) (As you can see, I had to struggle to find a few cons!)

Where to Get the Extra Large Deck Box

As I noted in the the “cons”, this is difficult to find locally – even at a big box store (no pun intended). It’s a “specialty item” I was told, so Amazon is the best place. You can tell because it’s one of the best-sellers on Amazon with over 400 reviews. The price is the best here (therefore all the reviews), and often ships free – so go check out all the reviews and prices on Amazon. I love Amazon – nothing is more fun than getting a box with a goodie in it at my doorstep. :)If you have questions about this I can answer, feel free to comment or get in touch.